2 June 2011

Earthly Body Skinny Dip Body Butter

Earthly body body butter
Creams. So many times they fail to live up to the hype. Some have amazing 'come buy me' packaging then the cream itself is lacklustre. Sometimes the cream isn't that bad, but then it smells like something crawled in the pot and died. I love creams, but a certain aspect always seems to disappoint. That was until I received this little pot in the post.

Packaging - This certainly isn't a screaming ' come buy me' type of pot, with a simple screw top and subtle colours. The description has an emphasis on
'intense, long lasting, rejuvenating' properties. Yes yes yes, just what I want... but is it going to deliver?

Scent/texture - So I open the pot up and I'm greeted by the most delicious whiff of what I can only describe as a cross between cocoa butter/chocolate and almonds. It's not overpowering, quite subtle in fact. It's one of those 'close your eyes' type scents, relaxing and calming.

The cream looks whippy and thick and so inviting, I couldn't wait to dip my fingers in. It didn't disappoint either, it's luxuriously thick and creamy (the sign of a good cream). Promising so far!

Feel/moisturising properties - So I started to slather this onto my legs (freshly washed and shaved may I add, so crying out for a moisture zap). The cream felt rich and just absorbed into my legs so easily. It didn't feel greasy either which some creams do. The result? My legs felt uber-soft, completely nourished, totally pampered and enveloped in this subtle yet divine scent.

Lastability test - So does this feeling last? Damn right it does! I touched my legs after an hour or so and that soft, replenished feeling was still there. Fan-flippin'-tastic!

As an ultimate test I used this on my other half's feet which, may I add, spend most of their life in football boots. I used this cream to give him a foot massage, because of the texture it's ideal. The result was that his feet were softer then they have ever been, he loves it!

Skinny dip body butter - I salute you, you have restored my faith in creams. A divine, luxurious, calming and above all long-lasting cream. I've put this on everyday since receiving it and I smell so good I want to lick myself!

Forget those other expensive 'promise all and deliver nothing' type of creams, if you want a cream that delivers... Earthly Body Skinny Dip all the way.

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