12 June 2011

Super Shatter Polish

Beauty UK logo

There's a big buzz at the moment with regards to shatter polish with brands Opi and Barry M both having very desirable shades on offer, but now there's a new contender about town as the fab Beauty UK have stepped up to the plate and launched their own version and iv been lucky enough to bag myself a full set.

Beauty UK shatter polishes

Basically if you've never used shatter polish before all you do if apply a top coat of the shatter polish over any base coat colour you desire....then watch the magic happen. Beauty UK have released 3 cool colours......Punk, an eye popping pink (were talking neon here), Goth which is jet black and Glam Rock, a funky sparkly silver. Each colour will produce a different effect dependent on your base colour...so the possibilities are endless really. 

If the shatter effect isn't your bag then they have also released a Matte Top Coat Polish - this basically can change any glossy polish you have on to give it a cool matte effect!!

The best thing about this range is the price - just £2.99 a bottle.!!!! 
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  1. I have the Barry M in pink and black, but the BeautyUK greys and silvers look fab. The matte top coat is also a great idea, maintaining the matte effect but smoothing.

  2. I've never heard of Beauty UK, can you buy them online? Found you on the #bbloggers bloghop & now your newest follower xx


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