27 June 2011

'Must Have Alert'......Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste logo
Every once in a while you come a across a product that makes you go 'wow'.......that instantly becomes your new beauty essential.....this product has just become mine!!!

If you haven't heard of Batiste before they basically produce a starch based 'no water needed' range of Dry shampoo which literally zaps away oily roots, freshens your hair and adds body...... giving you an ultra quick make over in times when you don't have the time to fully wash your hair!! 

They have a huge range of different sprays, which ill come to later..but the two i was sent to review are the unisex Fresh - Recent winner of the Beauty Insiders Choice award and also their soon to be released XXL Volume.

Batiste dry shampoo cans
So to the trial...first of all the packaging..the branding has a very cool retro feel to it, the cans come in 2 sizes regular 150ml (which is still quite a neat size) and then the 50ml 'on the go' version  - perfect for chucking in your handbag!!. Application is simple..there's very clear instructions on the back of the can.......literally shake the can, spray into roots, massage through with fingertips, brush and style!!

Batiste instructions
Now my hair can start to look a bit greasy after a couple of days....as the pic below shows!! But literally after spraying and a good massage......bam the greasy look was history!! The spray creates texture which is great for styling and also the smell is lovely and fresh!!

Before hair shot
After hair shot
Now with the XXL Volume version you get exactly what it says on the tin......volume..and lots of it....my hair can look quite flat at times but a few blasts of this and damn....i had more volume than Cheryl's American red carpet bouffant!!!

Think festivals, think working week - not enough time in the evenings, think after the beach...this is the ultimate busy girl's best friend.....it waves its magic wand,  zaps the grease away, gives you volume and leaves you smelling fresh as a daisy...what more could a girl want!!

What amazes me is the sheer range that Batiste have - there's Shimmer that leaves a subtle touch of glam and glitter to your hair. There's ones with a Hint of Colour available in light, medium and dark shades - these can even blend in root re-growth....the only downside...they haven't got it in a red shade (hint hint)!!!! And then lets not forget the huge array of differently scented versions such as the bold scent of Diva and the coconut fragrance of Tropical .....something for everyone!!

Batiste collection

All in all this product is amazing, an instant cult classic and something every girl should have in her beauty cabinet. If you want to try it yourself there's a huge array of retailers that stock it here. Prices range from about £1.05 for the On the Go versions up to £3.05 for the 150ml versions.

Go try this product now...i guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Batiste for sending me these shampoos to review!!Pin It

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  1. I have just used this product after my boyfriend tried it and its a miracle worker. I have been ill recently and my hair has looked awful.
    This is amazing I will always keep this in now for emergencies.


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