23 June 2011

Nip + Fab ......Frown Fix Frenzy!!!

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So as you know..(if you've read my blog recently) i managed to bag myself one of Nip+Fab's Frown Fix just as the buzz was starting to escalate....its already turning into a bit of a cult product as we speak!! The words 'cult' and '7500 waiting list' etc just screamed at me....and being the girlie girl i am.....curiosity got the better of me and before i knew it...bam!! it was in the shopping basket on the Boots website...oh well....lets give it a go!!

Nip + fab frown fix

The Frown Fix comes in a pen style applicator.....you take the top off to reveal a fine brush....and then you simply turn the base of the applicator and the liquid appears as if by magic in the brush, you then easily brush on the filler to whichever expression line needs a helping hand!!

Nip + fab frown fix pen

Now I'm lucky enough to say i haven't really got that many lines as yet....so iv just used it around the eye area to give me a bit of a pick up really.....and i have to say after using it a few times you do notice a smoother appearance to the skin....so i would say if you do have a few more wrinkles and expression lines than i do......then i think you would probably notice the difference more. Its intention is to plump the skin up, smooth the lines and hydrate the skin...and yes it does do that...keep using it and the difference will be noticeable.

The cream contains amino acids which basically help the expression lines disappear....(wooohoo i hear you cry), Purslane extract is the smoothing element and then something called Centella extract which is the bit that helps reduce appearance of fine lines...with all these elements, you can see why the demand is so great!!!!

I do think some people are rushing out to get this thinking its going to be the next miracle cure and that it provides an instant change like botox....it works, but the changes are subtle and take time...so you need to give it a chance. If you have used this product and had different results, good or bad..I'd love to hear from you...just comment below!!!

The great thing about this product is how easy it is to apply...plus its a great size...pop it in your handbag and fix on the go!!

If you do fancy trying this for yourself...it is flying off the shelves at the moment...you can currently get it online on the boots here and also direct from the Nip+Fab website here.

If you have never checked out their other products, get yourself over to their website as they stock all sorts of fantastic looking skin and body fixes of which I'm gagging to review......currently got my eye on their Dark Circle Fix .......I'm not the world's best when it comes to sleep and i do find from time to time i get dark circles under my eyes after a particularly bad night... so i have been searching for a while for something  that will help combat that....could this be the fix???? Maybe I'll find out soon!!Pin It

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