21 June 2011

Zoya Mod Matt Summer 2011 Collection

Sometimes you just stumble across a product that just makes you go..oooooooooh ...like a kid in a sweet shop....and this is one said product....as soon as i came across these on the net, my jaw dropped and i was furiously searching for a UK retailer (US brand)...thankfully i found it in the form of Beverly Beaute (jumps up an down excitedly)...in fact that whole site is jam packed full of ultra cool brands that would feed any nail varnish addicted woman out there!!!

But anyway, this is all about Zoya.....and if you've never heard of them before they are an international company who create nail polish that is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. They have over 300 eye popping colours....and this particular set was the one that grabbed my attention:

Zoya fluro nail polishes
Zoya nail polish

This eye popping selection is called the Mod Matte's collection. These require no base or top coat as its all about the matte finish!!!

They come in 3 candylicious colors:

Phoebe - A shimmering sky blue

Zoya sky blue polish

Lolly - A neon bright pink

Zoya bright pink polish

Mitzi - A lucious acid lime

Zoya neon yellow polish

Mattes are definatly causing a bit of a buzz at the moment...not to everyones taste as i think we are just so used to the normal gloss effect of a varnish. I find with some mattes you do need a couple of coats as they can look streaky....and with such loud colours you need the effect to look perfect!!

These are currently retailing at £5.95 on Beverly Beaute, but if matte is not your thing, Zoya also have a huge collection of gloss, metallic and shimmer styles.

For all things Zoya you can check out their website here or alternatively follow their blog http://zoyanailpolish.blogspot.com/ 
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