8 August 2011

Review - Nosh Detox - Qi (chee) balls

Nosh Detox Logo

I don't normally review food items but the offer came available via Twitter so thought id give them a go!!

First a bit about the company, Nosh are a online Detox shop that sell products and therapies designed to support health and wellbeing as well as programmes to target illnesses and disorders. Celebrities such as Rachel Stevens, Stella McCartney and Mel C praise the brand and the site is full of great customer feedback on how their detox products have helped them lose weight and improve their health!!

The product they sent me is part of their 'Nosh to go' range. Nosh Qi (Chee) Balls are tiny little snack balls that are full of slow releasing energy. Packed full of goodies such as coconut, chia seeds, hemp oil, pumpkin seeds, dates, goji berries and a unique Nosh Super food Formula, these are designed to support natural defences in the body and liver thus helping your detoxification process. 

Nosh Qi balls

Open Nosh Qi ball

The balls are wrapped individually in purple foil....on opening..i have to say they don't look the most appetising of things...but considering what is packed in each one....you can understand its not going to look the prettiest.

So to the taste test..if your not a lover of natural cereal/seed bars then this will not be for you. Its very grainy in texture and has quite a strong flavour to it...but as its only small i didn't mind as much...any bigger and i would have struggled. Now onto the crazy part.......they are incredibly filling!!! How can something so small make me feel so full!!......absolutely ingenious. It kept me going for a good few hours!! which meant no snacking...result!!!

All in all this is a very clever little snack.....not designed to be moreish and make you wanting more..but designed to fill you up and give you energy. If your planning on doing a detox diet or a bit of a health kick..these balls would make a great compliment to your diet. 

If you want to find out more about the 'Nosh to Go' range or find out more about their other products and programmes check out their website at www.noshdetoxdelivery.com

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