13 August 2011

Something for the mini me's !!!

Postman pat

Taking a break from all things girlie...this post is specially for mums and dads of little ones who are mad about Postman Pat.

I received a package in the post ...which i wasn't expecting..and inside was a Postman Pat van (fantastic seeing as i have a 4 year old who loves him). It was all in aid of the fact Postman Pat is turning 30 (is it me or does this guy not age!!) on my birthday - Sep 16th (you all know now so no excuses for birthday wishes lol)

To celebrate this occasion, children will be given the chance to send in birthday cards and drawings for Pat to read and as a thank you Postman Pat will respond to each one throughout September giving children the chance to receive a personal message from their favourite character!!

If like myself you do have little ones that love Pat, and would like them to get a response then all you need to do is send your cards and drawings to:

Postman Pat
Evolution Pr
The Abbey Centre
NN11 4XG

NB: All responses will be made via email. So please ensure you include a valid email address and the childs name.Pin It

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