13 August 2011

Beauty Box Product Update

Feel Unique beauty box

So as you remember i recently had the above delivered from the fabulous Feel Unique. Basically a monthly subscription service where each month you get a set of 5 exclusive product samples to try along with discount should you wish to purchase the full version.

Iv had chance to use the products now so i thought id update you on what i thought...so first:

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This is basically a pre shampoo conditioning treatment, so before shampooing you simply wet your hair and apply in sections and work through the length. Dependent on your hair condition you can either work into your hair and then rinse of straight away, or if you have more damaged locks you can cover your hair and leave it in for 10-20 mins. Having coloured hair i chose the later option!!

The treatment itself is quite thick but easy to apply...the weird thing is..it has no smell whatsoever!! quite bizarre for a hair treatment, i love my hair smelling nice and gives you that satisfaction you've actually done something!! Anyway left the treatment in for 20 mins, rinsed through and shampooed etc as normal.

Did i notice any difference...well not alot to be honest, after styling etc my hair did feel a bit more softer than usual but not overly different Now considering a 75ml tube is £14 i was expecting a bit more to be honest...mind you i only had enough for one application. I think this stuff would work better on normal hair and it may be the case that prolonged use would produce better results. But i think as far as a treatment for my coloured hair i may try something else.

Decleor Foaming Cleanser

Decleor Foaming Cleanser

Now iv never actually tried anything from the Decleor range so was quite excited about trying this cleanser. The tube came with a cute muslin cloth which you use to rub the cleanser off after application. Its simple to use, you only need a small amount - simply wet face, apply the cleanser and it foams up pretty quickly. Has a nice subtle scent and feels lovely to apply, you then simply use the cloth to wipe all the cleanser off. I cant describe how clean my face immediately felt...zingy almost!! and the other thing i noticed..it felt really soft...and not dry like some cleansers can leave you..and i have a tendency to sometimes have dry skin..so this was a bonus!!

This stuff is fab...i love the way it leaves my skin feeling plus it also feels like my face has had a really good clean. Highly recommended in my opinion- if you fancy buying this for yourself its retailing at £20.40 for a 200ml tube.

Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Volumising Mascara

Bare Minerals Mascara

This turned out to be a mascara that actually did what it said on the tin!!

Smudge proof - yes
Definition - yes
Volume - Yes
Paraben free - yes
Flake free - yes

Big tick on all counts....the mascara was easy to apply with a fairly longish tapered brush...my lashes never clumped, it defined them well and produced an overall dramatic effect!! I can't fault this mascara.

If you fancy buying the full price version, which i think i just might you can get it for £12.75.

Thalgo Frigimince Spray

Thalgo Frigamince spray

This for me, was probably the one product i would personally never look at ever purchasing but was interested to try it out. Its basically a cooling effect spray that is designed to reduce fluid, improve the appearance of cellulite and relieve tired and heavy legs. You can use anywhere on you hips, knees, ankle and bum.

So i tried it out on my hips to start with. The spray is really fine and immediately on contact with the skin felt lovely and cooling. The scent reminds me of Vicks or Olbas oil....quite pleasant and great if you have a cold ..lol.

It left my skin with a cooling effect which was nice and did last. Obviously i can't report on the full results now as iv only been using it a while. The full price version is £27.00 for 150ml. Is it something id buy??.....well id have to say no at the moment...not really a product i need or could warrant spending £27 on...however that's dependent on longer term usage and those results...who knows it may win me over!!

Xen Tan Transform Luxe

Xen Tan

As i mentioned previously...being a champion for the pale people...i never use any form of self tan products as i love rocking the pale, so i cant actually give you feedback on this product as yet. Hopefully ill find a suitable test subject willing to try it and will give you an update if i do!!

Overall a nice first box from Feel Unique and looking forward to the next delivery!!Pin It


  1. I signed up for this, hope the stuff I get is as good as this :) x

  2. Hi, could you tell me if the box can be posted through your letterbox?

  3. I would say no....its not a massive box but slightly too wide to be able to post through the letterbox. Had to pick mine up from the post office!!


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