19 September 2011

Racoon Hair Extensions

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Hair extension...they can either look really really bad......(naming no names).....or absolutely damn fabulous!!

Having always had long/ish hair its something iv never really dabbled in ...guess i always worried they would end up looking fake, so coming across Racoon i found myself pleasantly surprised..who knows they may even tempt me to dabble!!

They specialise in natural hair extensions..so instead of taking over your head they blend in with your natural hair leaving the viewer non the wiser of your little secret!!

Racoon hair extentions
Racoon blonde hair extentions

Racoon extensions are easy to manage, come in a limitless amount of colours, can create avant garde styles or natural enhancements - your choosing. Fancy instant glossy, full bodied hair then they can in the space of a few hours!!...i have to admit even I'm slightly won over!!

If you go on their website there is a huge gallery giving you an idea of the kind of styles they can create. So if you fancy going for the plunge you will need to contact your local Racoon appointed salon which also can be found on the website here.

So will you be seeing me in extensions anytime soon....mmm well...I'm not too sure yet....think i still need a bit of convincing, but they are definitely somewhere id look to if i did!!

Racoon Curly hair

PICTURE CREDITS, Hair: Tim Hartley (the bob) and Sean Dawson (the clown) for Racoon International, Make-up: Jo Sugar, Styling: Joseph Anthony Toronka, Photography: John Rawson.
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  1. What is the web page ... Thanks sherry lightningsherry@aol.com

  2. The link to the website is actually hyperlinked above: however the full url is below:

  3. I am an absolute fan of hair extensions. It saves me much time to prepare when I go out on parties and special occasions.


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