14 September 2011

Beauty box 2 - The return

So after last months box from the fabulous Feel Unique i have to say i was pretty excited about receiving the September selection. A little bit late this month but as an apology they added some extra little goodies in the box....great customer service...you can't say fairer than that!!

And i have to say this months does not disappoint......in fact I'm totally impressed with the range of products sent, it was literally a case of 'wow' when i opened the box!! Check this lot out!!

Beauty box

Beauty box contents

How can you fail to be impressed when greeted with that on opening!!!  The theme to the box this month is 'out with the old and in with the new' So what did it include altogether??

Balm Balm all purpose balm
Balm Balm Tea Tree Face Balm: This is one of those multi purpose type balm that you can use on your hands, face, lips in fact anywhere that craves a bit of soothing and moisturising. 100% organic and designed to just melt into your skin.....sounds divine even before iv used it!!

New ID make up set

New id inside set

New CID Cosmetics Picture Perfect Kit: This very cute little set for your lips, eyes and cheeks is designed for a combination of day to night looks. Contains 2 'i-shadows'. 'i-highlight' for cheeks, some sweet pink i-gloss and i-flutter for the eyes. Ideal handbag size!!

Ella Bach Cream

Elle Bache Creme Tomato Vitamin Radiance Cream: This cream contains extracts of tomato which are meant to help brighten, purify and help give you a more vibrant complexion. Describes itself as a perfect pick up for skin entering the new season!!

Di Palomo hand cream

Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Hand & Nail Cream: This gorgeous smelling hand cream (i had to try a bit) contains grape seed oil, olive oil and fig fruit extracts and is designed especially for busy, hardworking hands. As i said it smells delicious, melts into the skin...a really good first impression!!

Redken quick dry mini

Redken Quick Dry 18 Mini: This is a finishing spray which is meant to produce a fast, firm and no fuss finish and shine. A great mini size and an ideal handbag buddy for quick fixes!!

Caudalie Day fluid
A couple of little extras this month which were a lovely touch were a new fragrance by Elie Saab and Caudalie Day Perfecting Fluid!!

Such a great selection and really looking forward to trying the products out this month!! For those of you who were thinking about trying the Beauty Box for the first time......go for it!!! Value for money is amazing, great selection of products and the great thing is their customer service....even though the box was a bit late this month..we were constantly kept informed of delivery and then they gave us a little extra in the box to compensate....fab!

As last time ill do an update post on all the products...but for now I'm off to sample my goodies!!!!Pin It


  1. Thanks for sharing! I think I might have to try this.


  2. I wish I'd got the new cid set instead of the gatineau floracil i got lol! x


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