24 October 2011

My handmade jewellery - 1st preview!!

So yes as some of you know iv mentioned in the past that iv been making jewellery for quite a while, only recently started showing it the Friends/colleagues etc and the the feedback has been amazing, so much so i sold my first few over the last couple of weeks and have even got a possible order for a wedding!! I'm gobsmacked..and really pleased!!

I guess its always nerve racking displaying stuff that you make and seeing as iv reviewed a fair few other designers i thought id take the step and show a few of mine on here. Mainly do bracelets at the moment but will also be doing necklaces as well.

Pandora style bracelet

Bracelet Pandora style

Bracelet with charm

Red pandora style bracelet

Mixed charm bracelet
Pink themed bracelet

Just a small selection above which are all on silver charms snake bracelets. I also do them on braided leather (double or single) and cuff/torque bangles. I do both adult and children's sizes - adults are £10 and children's £8 plus postage.

If you prefer a bespoke design you just need to quote me which colour theme you would like (1 or 2 colours) and also if you want a general type of charm such as stars, moons, animals, sweets, hearts or kids themed such as hello kitty.

Each bracelet comes tagged and is presented in the usual organza bag. Gift boxing is available for a small extra cost. Payment will be via Paypal invoicing.

I'm just testing the water at the moment to see how things go, but having people buying something you have made is such a great feeling. God iv been really nervous about showing them off..don't know why!!!

If you are perhaps interested in ordering one just leave a comment and email me toxycat100@aol.comPin It

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