25 October 2011

Review: Di Palomo White Grape & Aloe range

Di Palomo logo

Now i first came across Di Palomo products when i received a tube of their amazing Wild Fig & Grape hand cream which i use all the time, so was definitely looking forward to trying some of their other products this time round.

If you haven't come across Di Palomo before they are a British company that create Italian inspired bath, body and fragrance products. Their ethos is all about exquisite packaging and complex fragrances.

They currently have 4 ranges, Fig and Grape, Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive, Spa and the one iv tried White Grape with Aloe.

I tested 2 of the products from that range, the first being White Grape & Aloe Body Butter and the second being White Grape & Aloe Bath & Shower Cream.

Di Palomo body cream and body wash

Di Palomo body cream

Di palomo body wash
Firstly before anything even before id opened the boxes the fragrance that emits from both the products is stunning...i couldn't wait to get them open.

So firstly the body butter.

Di Palomo body cream box

Di Palomo body cream open
Packaging is stylish yet simple with a nice touch on the inside flaps when you open the top. The cream itself comes in a large screw top jar. The butter itself contains 30% natural cocoa butter and also states it melts at body temperature so will be instantly absorbed into the skin.

On opening the jar you are instantly hit by the gorgeous aroma, i can't describe it but all i know is i can't stop sniffing it its that damn good!! The cream itself is incredibly thick, think the consistency of Palmer's Cocoa Butter - the version in the tub...so you literally scrape it out!!

On applying to the skin it does just melt and coverage is great...doesn't leave your skin greasy just silky soft and smelling good enough to eat!!! I am hooked...this stuff is amazing and this tub will last me ages, and at £15 a tub that's a great advantage!!!

Any negatives..well no..not a damn thing...spot on with everything...love it!

So onto the Bath and shower cream.

Di Palomo body wash box

Di Palomo body wash bottle
Again the little touches are there with the packaging. The cream comes in an easy to use pump action bottle. The cream is thick and that gorgeous fragrance is present though not as much so as the body butter. It lathers well onto your skin and its non drying so doesn't leave your skin crying out for moisture after a bath/shower.. I really wanted the fragrance to bit a bit stronger in this.....its nice enough but i wasn't blown away by the product in the way the body butter did.

The shower cream retails at £9.00, not something i think id buy on its own but maybe with other products in the range but all in all a lovely product none the less.

Conclusion the body butter was the outright star product in my opinion....not just loved by me but my whole family...just lovely lovely stuff!!

They have a lovely and easy to use website where you can buy all their products online. So if you fancy trying them for yourselves head on over to:http://www.dipalomo.com/Pin It


  1. Ohh never heard of this brand. Sound really good though! On their website now :3


  2. I have never heard of this range either. They sound absolutely gorgeous, I can almost smell the Fig & Grape aroma :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. I wish i could describe the smell....its just gorgeous......just a lovely brand!!!

  4. i love the products made out of grape like Caudalie, but this one I had never heard about. for sure it comes cheaper which is always great news

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    The Dolls Factory


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