29 October 2011

Review: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti Ageing Day & Night Cream

Rio Rosa Mosquetta Logo

So firstly...who are Rio Rosa Mosqueta. Well Rosa Mosqueta is actually a wild rose that grows in the Chilean Andes. It is said to have amazing skin rejuvenating and anti ageing properties which South American women have known about for years. The rosehip oil they use is pure and unscented and free from chemicals and is the natural alternative for fading scars and blemishes. The oil is a rich source of fatty acids which are essential for skin rejuvenation. It is also free from parabens and paraffin.

At the moment Rio Rosa sell 4 products - 500mg capsules, 20ml and 50 ml bottle of the pure oil and their newest product of which I'm reviewing, their 50ml Day & Night Cream.

Rio Rosa Mosquetta day and night cream

Rio Rosa Mosquetta day and night cream box

Rio Rosa Mosquetta day and night cream open box

The Packaging of the product is lovely...cute sliding box top which is packed full of information about the product....the benefits of using the product and also how to use it. The cream itself comes in a lovely glass jar.

Rio Rosa Mosquetta day and night cream jar

Rio Rosa Mosquetta day and night cream open jar
Highlighted on the box it states the cream is 100% certified organic ingredients, protects the skin from harmful UVA rays, helps prevent signs of ageing and improves moisture levels....basically everything you could want in a cream!!

The cream itself is quite thick, barely any fragrance...on application the cream feels incredibly rich and heavy ...it covers really well and sinks into the skin with ease...your skin feels instantly replenished and soft!! It felt like a luxury cream!!

I'm continuing to use it each day so its hard to comment on what long term use will do at the moment but first impressions are great so far.

For me i preferred using this as a night time cream as i prefer using a lighter moisturiser during the day..but i love the way it makes my skin feel!

It does say on he box 'for best results use the oil first'....so would be interesting to see how the combination of the 2 products work.

All in all a lovely well made cream, natural ingredients and feels great on your skin!! If you fancy trying the cream for yourself it currently retails for just £14.99 - to find stockists of the products check out their website: http://www.riorosa.co.uk/where-to-buyPin It


  1. I love the packaging and its quite a good price too!

  2. i didn't know this brand
    need to try it
    great post
    come and say hi
    Always following&commenting
    The Dolls Factory

  3. @zoe..yeah not too expensive which is great..and yes the packaging is lovely!!!

    @the Dolls Factory: Thanks for your comments...just been over to your blog now....its amazing...thank you for taking the time to read mine!!


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