17 October 2011

Penguins and plastic hands!!!

So the dreaded Xmas shopping is looming over all of us..what to buy for the kids....its an absolute nightmare, so leading up to the Xmas rush, and diverting away from my usual girlie beauty stuff, iv been asked to review a couple of kids toys........The first being from the hugely popular Disney Club Penguin range....the Air Hockey Playset.

Club Penguin air hockey playset

Now both my boys love Club Penguin (my boys are 10 and 5) so was quite interested to see if this game lived up to the penguin hype!!

The game is based around an ice hockey stadium and comes complete with 2 penguin players and referee and 2 extra penguin bases so you can mix and match players.

Club Penguin hockey stadium

Club Penguin hockey players

To get the airflow you need 2xc batteries this allows the puck to glide across the surface. The main aim of the game is you place the 2 penguins on the controllers and you simply use them to deflect the puck into your opponents net.

First impressions from my boys....well an instant and joint 'cool' to start with simply because its Club Penguin. Set up was a little bit fiddly, so you will need to help them, theres also a manual scoreboard which they quite like along with a fan seating area so you can put other Club Penguin figures on. Gameplay is very simple so ideal for the young ones. The airflow worked quite well if a little noisy, because of the size of the stadium (ie not that big) there's a tendency to clash players alot and hit hands which my boys thought was hilarious....in the end they gave up the game and decided to use the stadium for just general imagination play. My eldest got bored quite quickly but did say he liked the figures and was actually more interested in the high value coin code which comes with the game....so he was straight on the computer to redeem it. My youngest however really enjoyed the set, but tends to use it more for imaginary play rather than just the air hockey... so id say this is definitely more suited for his age range.

All in all its not bad...its not the best air hockey game ever but its all about the penguins at the end of the day and this would satisfy any avid Club Penguin fan out there.

It retails for about £35,  which for what it is i think is a bit expensive, but your paying for the name at the end of the day. I would say if its just an air hockey game you are looking for then avoid this as its quite basic....this is clearly just geared towards Club Penguin fans. If you do fancy buying one of these It can bought from most well known online retailers such as the Entertainer who are selling it via Amazon here.

Now to the second toy, which i haven't come across before...called simply 'Big Power hand' ....Just from the title alone I Instantly knew this one was going to be a hit!!!

Big power hand

Big power hand packaging
Basically its exactly what it says it is.....its a big hand, transforming your kids hand into a enormous but fully articulated hand. Attached to the hand is a glove which your child slips their hand into. When you move your hand the giant one corresponds with your movement due to spring loaded joints and gives quite oddly realistic hand movements even allowing you to grip as the thumb also moves as well. The glove comes complete with a strap to ensure your hand fits securely to the giant one....and well that's it basically....but that's the beauty of it....as soon as my boys saw it they instantly loved it..i mean what boy could resist a giant hand....its genius!!!

Its easy to use...needs no batteries and provides hours of entertainment. The other good thing is there are several other versions in the range including a laser zapper version, light up one and various armour upgrades.

All in all a fantastic stocking filler for any boy of any age (my other half thought it was amazing!!!)....You can bag yourself one of these for about £30 from most online toy retailers including Argos here .  A great toy and out of the two this one most definitely came top!!Pin It

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  1. This really is a marvelous toy and very durable. My kids are still fascinated with it even after weeks of playing and showing off to everyone with it.


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