13 October 2011

Review - Guy Kremer Haircare

Guy Kremer Logo

Celebrity hairdresser Guy Kremer has recently launched his own range of haircare products. The range is designed to appeal to fashion conscious women of all ages and includes rebalancers and cleansers ( shampoos and conditioners basically) for all hair types. For those of you that haven't heard of Guy Kremer before, he is the owner of an award winning salon in Winchester - his client list includes Edith Bowman, Alexandra Burke and Kirsty Gallagher.

His new range utilises the finest ingredients which he states 'work brilliantly and smell gorgeous'. Both the cleansers and rebalancers contain something called 18-MEA which is a natural lipid found in the hair cuticle which helps to restore the hair to its optimum condition. All the products have been rigorously tested in his own salon and are designed to withstand the rigours of photo session styling!! All sounds pretty good!!

The three products from his range that iv reviewed are:

Guy Kremer products

Add the Bounce cleanser, Add the Bounce Rebalancer (both for fine/fragile hair) and also Enhance the Shine Perfume and Gloss Spray.

So firstly to the cleanser and rebalancer.

Guy Kremer shampoo and conditioner

The packaging is fairly subdued and quite plain looking, nothing that would really stand out to you on a shelf. On opening the first thing that struck me was the smell. It states the fragrance is a blend of aromatic herbs and white floral infusions......it just smelt like tea tree oil to me, the sort of smell you would get from perhaps a specialist dandruff or scalp product......not what i was expecting, but didn't put me off. The cleanser lathered well and the actual smell wasn't that strong thankfully when shampooing. The rebalancer is quite thick and felt really good on my hair, again only a mild fragrance. With this you leave on for a few minutes then rinse off.

How did my hair feel after??......well pretty damn clean, wasn't as fly away as it can be sometimes and on styling it felt really soft. Iv only used these once so will be interesting to see how long term use affects the condition of my hair. All in all quite positive...apart from the smell which i wasn't a huge fan of....but thankfully it doesn't overpower you when using!!

Guy Kremer shine spray

Onto the shine perfume and gloss spray. Not normally the type of product id use so was interested to see the results. Perfume was key for me so i hoping for some yummy fragrance to envelop my hair on spraying........what did i get...yes you guessed it...that funny old tea tree type smell!! How bizarre....you couldn't really call this perfume....and why would you want your hair to smell almost antiseptic!!

On the plus side it does leave your hair silky smooth and with a slight sheen to it....so the gloss part does work. Easy to apply and also gives good coverage.

The smell is most definitely a personal preference thing as my other half really likes the fragrance....i think it would definitely be a try before you buy product as this fragrance won't be to everyones liking!! I did like the size of the bottle though, small enough to pop into your handbag for nights outs, so great for an 'on the go' fix and freshen up.

If you fancy trying out these or any of the other products in Guy's range then head over to his website: http://www.guykremer.co.uk/shop or you can buy direct from his salon.

The cleansers and rebalancers retail for £6.95 each and the Perfume and Gloss spray £8.95.Pin It

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