7 December 2011

Fab xmas gift alert!!!!!

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So i have to tell you about another fab product that arrived on my doorstep today......this would made an ideal gift for any party girl out there!!

Tipsy feet logo

Tipsyfeet are basically the party girls best friend!! Basically Tipsyfeet are foldable pumps that fit neatly into a funky little bag...just the ideal size for popping in your handbag or glove compartment. Spent a whole night dancing....feet in agony.....just whip your bag out, unfold the pumps and voila....instant comfort but still fashion fabulous!!!

Tipsy feet bag
Tipsy feet open bag

Tipsy feet foldable pumps

Tipsy feet shopper

Tipsy Feet On

Following the Batiste wild theme this set came in a funky animal print purse...on opening the pumps are neatly folded inside. They are incredibly soft and fit really well.....but the bonus with the purse is it then folds out to give you a handy little bag to put your other shoes in......what more could a girl want!!!

Tipsyfeet have loads of different styles available......and they retail for a fab £24.99 making them ideal gift material!! If you head on over to their website http://www.tipsyfeet.co.uk/ they have a stockist locator giving you the nearest high street or best online store for purchase!!

I am totally in love with these and literally want to buy all my girlie mates a pair......fab product...love it!!Pin It

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