24 March 2012

Easter gifts (nommage free) !!

Easter chicks
So yes..Easter is fast approaching.....is it me or have eggs been in the shops for what seems like ages!! Anyway.....i have 2 mini mes......who will nom chocolate like its going out of fashion....so Easter is almost on par with xmas for them!! Theres usually so much chocolate that it takes over the fridge......

So to ease this takeover..more and more alternative Easter gifts are being offered to counteract the chocolate takeover....soft toys, crafts kits, figures etc....below are a small selection...what do you think? would you buy toys or stick to the traditional choc fest!

Angry birds plush

Above is the angry birds plush which pretty much every kid likes.....simply squeeze him and he giggles exactly like in the game. There's are several character options to choose from and prices range from about £3.99. Check out

Shoulder buddy

Now this odd looking troll like creature is called a shoulder buddy. Its basically a little take along Friend that can attach himself to your clothes, your bag etc simply by way of a magnetic disc...slip the disc under your clothing then plonk you buddy on top and he is then attached. Slightly odd and my son did look highly amusing with this thing on his shoulder..but he seemed to like it. The shoulder buddie costs about £4.99. Check out

Schleich animals

These little figures are from the Schleich Farmlife range. Schleich produce a multitude of figures and the farmrange has everything from ducks to tractors. These are extremelly well made and lifelike with amazing attention to detail. The figures range from £2.90 upwards and are available from

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