25 March 2012

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Colour Freeze Range

Schwarzkopft Bonacure haircare

BC Bonacure Colour Freeze range...(i love short names don't you!!) is a new range from Schwarzkopf...its aim is to maintain radiant colour for longer, protecting against colour fade and giving shine. The product basically seals the hair surface and freezes the colour pigments in place and then an added liquid silk extract provides the healthy shine. It also has something called Amino Cell Rebuild which apparently reconstructs the architecture of the hairs inner structure...very scientific!!!

The range includes everything from Thermo protect creams to spray in conditioners. Ive tried 3 of the products which are below...please note i can only comment on first impressions...with regards to long term use and results...ill have to do an updated post!!

Schwarzkopft Bonacure colour freeze range

Schwarzkopft Bonacure Colour freeze range

Firstly the Colour Freeze Sulphate Free Shampoo - The shampoo comes in a slim push down flip top bottle. The fragrance is hard to describe...sort of reminded me of flumps....you know..those soft mallow sweets...not that strong..but nice enough. Now with sulphate free shampoo's they have a tendency to not lather very well, which isn't a massive issue...but you feel the need to add more, which you don't really need to do. After washing my hair feels clean, soft and manageable. On drying you can quite clearly see the shine in your hair..it feels light and not weighed down nor flyaway like some shampoos can....all in all very positive first impressions.

This shampoo retails for approx £9.75....however if you head on over to the rather fab Escentual.com they have slashed the price to £7.00. 

Next onto the Colour Freeze Spray Conditioner - This a 2 phase leave in conditioner spray of which you apply to towel dried hair after washing. To use simply shake to mix the 2 phase formulation and spray evenly over your hair. This acts as a great detangler, doesn't weigh you hair down like some spray In's can and also contains UV filters to protect your hair from the elements.

This retails for approx for £10.95 but again Escentual have reduced it to just £7.90 - bargain!!

Finally i tried the Colour Freeze Thermo Protect Cream - this is basically a lightweight cream which helps protect your hair whilst using styling devices. Just apply from the mid-length to the tips of the hair...avoid the roots as you can end up with greasy looking hair.....after styling it left my hair feeling silky smooth with a lovely shine..result!!

This is priced at £9.75 and yet again Escentual has dropped the price to £7.00.

So will this range help maintain my hair colour for longer...well this remains to be seen. Firsts impressions of all the products are good and my hair feels and looks great. The prices are at the higher end of the market.....so would i purchase these products again....all depends on the outcome of continued use. Red hair notoriously fades quickly so if a product can keep my hair looking red, glossy and shiny for longer then i will pay a bit more for it.......but ill get back to you with that answer!!

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  1. Hi, and do you recommend it? The spray conditioner for red hair?


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