26 April 2012

Love, Peace & cupcake nommage

Love peace and cupcake logo
So I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment...need to lose a bit of weight before i head off to Ibiza to club it up end of June. Now my willpower is pretty slack at the best of times when it comes to yummy foods...so it doesn't help when the ever so lovely @lovpeacecupcake on Twitter tells me she has just made the most amazing rocky road!! ....and well i believe her, because have you seen the rest of the cakes she makes....they are simply to die for!!

Love Peace & Cupcake is basically the talented miss Debra Edwards. She set up a fab little cake business based in Penarth Wales. She designs and creates the most amazing looking cupcakes ever!! All made fresh and to order and packaged equally as lovely. I mean just look at these lovelies.......


boxed cupcakes

Strawberry topped cupcakes

Pink frosted butterfly cupcake

single cupcake gift box

choc button cupcake

cupcake floral arrangement
She does everything from weddings to birthdays and can do pretty much any design you like....these are just a selection of shots from the gallery, i guarantee you will be seriously drooling after looking through!!

So if you live within a 40 miles radius of Penarth...then your in luck...as you too could be nomming your way through one of these beauties. 

Please follow her on Twitter as she's super lovely ( @lovpeacecupcake)  and id also like to personally thank her for turning my new diet regime into hell after looking at these pics......damn you and your cakeage xxxx
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  1. These cucpakes are amazing! They would sell like crazy in D.C. New to your blog, please follow me back when you have time!

  2. It is lovely to see Debs's cupcakes mentioned on how gorgeous they are! She is now a regular at my Penarth Craft Fair as her and the cakes are both equally as gorgeous! x

  3. Totally agree with both of you ..they are amazing. Iv only hooked up with her via Twitter...and she is soooo lovely on there...hence the reason for the post...very talented lady xx


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