22 April 2012

Who cares about the hosepipe ban......

With all the news on the hosepipe bans and water shortages (crazy...its been raining for days here) maybe its time to try and come up with some water saving solutions.....and thats why Batiste have jumped on the wagon as an instant water saver.
batiste cool and crisp

Did you know we each on average use up to 150 litres of the wet stuff everyday.....including what we use to wash our hair. Instead of washing every other day...you can use Batiste to freshen your hair and blitz the grease for a day or two.....and think how much water you'll be saving!!

Visit the full water saving range at www.batiste.co.uk

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1 comment:

  1. I only wash my hair every 4-5 days so very lucky,but I do use this to freshen it up,the tropical flavored one is gorgeous :)



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