26 June 2012

Batiste Hair survey

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In a recent haircare survey that Batiste ran, results have proven that a massive ¾ of women don’t feel confident when their hair is looking bad!!!.....perhaps men will believe us now when we say were having a 'bad hair' day!!

But thankfully now we have Batiste to save the day ....and 96% of women said their hair felt and looked better after using it.

Apparently only 29% of women wash their hair almost everyday......ok if its short but a mare everyday if its longer!!

55% spend up to half an hour styling their hair before a night out

A quarter of women complain of frequent bad hair days, 

13% saying this happens at certain times of the month!!!

Batiste's market has doubled in size in the last 2 years from £11.2m to £24.7m......and thats with big thanks to the huge percentage of women who cant be arsed to wash their hair everyday....me included....................so yey Batiste!!!
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  1. I love batiste my face is the new lace one! Following your blog via bloglovin :)


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