21 June 2012

Would you buy a cream for £8.5k???

Cle De Peau Beaute

Searching for the ultimate face cream....got a spare £8.5k....then why not try Cle De Peau Beaute's new 30th anniversary ultimate moisturiser!!

The moisturiser is called La Creme and apparently is 5 times more expensive per gram then gold!!!!!!! Under the parent company Shiseido a 50 gram bottle will be launched in Tokyo in September. The creams are encased in 30 layers of crystal and each one comes in a collectible handmade jar. Only 3 of the jars will go on sale!! and if they get enough interest in paying the ludicrous amount then then they will hold a draw to give away one.

For those that cant afford the price tag (which is most of us) they are releasing a cheaper (they say cheaper) version for just £627 !!!

Absolute madness or a great publicity stunt.......this screams a huge sense of self importance for a brand...but the crazy thing is you can guarantee there will be buyers of this.....who have more money than sense!!

Give me a high street moisturiser any day!!! Would you buy it???Pin It


  1. Absolutely redic! No way anyone in their right mind would purchase this. Following back from the blog hop!

  2. Unless perhaps your name is Victoria Beckham lol....id love for real people like us bloggers get the chance to review high end products such as this.....then we'll see if they are actually worth the ridiculous price tag!!!


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