30 August 2012

Exclusive new Micro Chargers Review

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Car tracks and boys...a match made in heaven!!...our house is full of them...yet they always want more and something different........enter Micro Chargers.

Micro chargers set

Micro chargers set box

Micro chargers cars

Newly launched this Autumn, Micro Chargers are a new mini type of racing set......tiny micro scaled cars that go at the speed of light.......in fact these cars are made to a scale of 1:175...meaning that these cars when charged can race at a scale speed of well over 600mph!!!

Micro chargers car

There are several different sets available and 36 different straight and stunt racing cars. The set we tried was the Jump track set....which retails for approx £24.99. The tracks easy to set up and is fully interchangeable meaning you by other sets to add on to it. The pack comes with a straight racer and a stunt racer car and one hand held charger (this needs 2 x AAA batteries which weren't included)

Micro chargers set up

To race the cars simply place them in the charger unit...press the button for a few seconds and then hit the switch to let them go......they fly around the track at a ridiculous pace, charge the other one and you can then race them. The track has various traps and changes you can make as the cars go round.......the boys loved it...purely for the sheer speed these things go. They may be small but boy do they pack a punch.

My only negative...it would have been great to have an extra charger.....but apart from that i can't fault this set....boys were entertained, easy to set up and put away and the little cars are super fast plus great to collect. An ideal stocking filler for this coming xmas!!

The sets are now available at most of the usual toys shops such as Argos, Smyths, Toyrus and The Entertainer.

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