5 August 2012

Review - Purely Natural Healing Body Butter

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Purely Natural were born in 2011 by the creator Dean, having suffered for years from severe acne it drove him to create his own acne cleanser that he found actually worked and cleared the acne. From then on Purely Natural was born.

Their emphasis is on 100% natural skincare, not tested on animals and personalised for every individual skincare issue. 

Their products cover every type of skincare problem: from acne to eczema, ageing to psoriasis and includes products created for face, body, bath and hair.

The product I'm reviewing from Purely natural is their Natural Healing Body Butter

Purely Natural healing body butter

Healing body butter

Healing body butter vegan happy

The butter is aimed to speed up the skins healing of damaged skin - high in Vitamin E it contains natural yummy ingredients such as:

Shea Butter 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Sunflower Oil 
Walnut Oil 
Rose Hip Oil 
Carrot Seed Oil 

Id say its more of a balm consistency....not as solid though, but works the same as a balm ie: once in contact with the skin it melts!!! 

Iv tested this cream for a few days.....on my feet!!! For some reason i always seem to suffer with dry skin there....its a constant problem, so thought what better challenge than that!!

The change in the skin appearance was noticeable after just one day!!......so iv been applying twice a day now since iv received it. I am really impressed with the result, the skin looks allot more normal in appearance and the rough feeling has all but disappeared...I'm hoping that daily application will completely clear it.......so Purely Natural - Big Gold star from me!!

I'm a huge fan of all purpose balms and this is basically like those but on a bigger scale. I love the fact that something so natural actually works...no chemicals, no nasties nothing......just what nature intended. 

The best thing is a pot of this is only £7.95 and this stuff will last you ages!!....well 6 months actually as that's the shelf life!! 

Please do take a look at their site and product range as iv been really impressed by this product alone. 

To keep up to date with news and products you can follow them via Twitter and also Facebook 

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  1. I have tagged you in my Liebster Blog Award post - http://lolaandbehold.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/liebster-blog-award.html x

    1. Oh wow thank you.....second time in as many weeks!!! i must be doing something right xxx

  2. Wow, I've never heard of this before but it sounds really good! I will definitely check this out :)

    1. It really is.....and £7.95, you cant go wrong really.....fabulous stuff x

  3. Hello! I really like the sound of this butter as I suffer from really dry skin! Thanks for the heads up and I will need to go check them out ASAP!

    Thank you for following me, by the way! Sukie xx

  4. ah no problem....yeah its great for dry skin, plus a little goes a long way.

  5. I think I need to try some of this, as I suffer with awful dry skin and eczema. I love that its all natural too.
    Thanks for the review hun. xxx

  6. Yeah its really nice stuff....much prefer natural products like this.....actually if your after eczema specific stuff if you look on the website you will see that there's a range dedicated for that specific skin problem.


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