7 August 2012

Social media icon designs

If your struggling to find the right social media icons for your blog such as Pinterest, Hellocotton, Google + then get in touch. I can create custom blog buttons for your blog...any design, colour and any social network. Look below for recent ones iv just done as an example (please note this is done on a heart icon set that you can download from the net):

Hellocotton logo

Pinterest logo

Google plus logo

Blog lovin logo

Simply drop me an email (just click on the design tab at the top of my blog) and let me know what you need and i will quote you direct. All payments will be done via Paypal.

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  1. New follower I found you via Honey Do & Product Reviews :) Love your blog hope to have you follow both my blogs back (: Happy blogging

  2. aw thank you...i am honoured, second one this week!!!xxx

  3. Hey thanks for following...have checked both your blogs out....xxx


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