23 August 2012

Review: ScatterBrainz

Scatter brainz logo

So yes...as we are scarily creeping towards the time of year when toys are are big sell, as I'm also a mummy reviewer iv been asked to do a few new toys reviews prior to major launch.

I have 2 boys...who literally have everything, so when it comes to testing toys...they know a thing or two!!

ScatterBrainz is a brand new range which is aimed at boys aged 5-10. The range is based around collectibles dart characters which basically have sticky brains (gross i know) so when you throw/shoot them they pretty much stick to anything.

Scatter Brainz brain bazooka

To launch the darts you basically need the Brain Bazooka which is what is pictured above. This is basically a huge gun with a rotating chamber of which you can fit 5 of the darts in.

So did it appeal to my 6 year old......well yes it did...the bright colours and the shape was a winner straight off.....he thought it looked like an alien blaster!!

The gun looks relatively simple to use...well we thought so.....opening the chamber was a bit of an issue, of which he did struggle alot with.....its not that obvious how you open it, but once opened the darts are easy to slot in...its then close...pull back and shoot. The darts can shoot up to 15 feet plus they stick quite well to most things. The good thing is the darts do all come with a handy 'head cap' to protect their sticky brainz from becoming clogged with dirt!!

Overall verdict.....initial reaction good.....however with just the 2 darts in the pack he did become bored with it quite quickly and frustrated with reloading each time.....so i would suggest if you are thinking of getting this then also get an extra set of darts to go with it.

That said he has played with it most days.....and even if he's not shooting the darts...he's using it as his pretend alien blaster. Its an ideal toy for any young boy...and anything collectibles is always a winner!

Brain Bazooka

ScatterBrainz will be doing a massive PR push over the next few weeks including online campaigns, schools projects and print media. It will also be broadcast on the well known kids site Binweevils, along with launching several competitions.

The range includes dartboards, carry cases and multi dart packs....so look out for them soon in your nearest ToysRus, Argos, Smyths, Tesco and The Entertainer.

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