5 August 2012

Temple Spa - Luxurious Lifestyle Brand

Temple Spa logo
If your the type that enjoys luxurious face and body products then TempleSpa may be just what your looking for. TempleSpa are what you'd call a lifestyle brand that produce face, body, aromatherapy and spa treatments. Their ingredients are based on botanical actives mainly from Southern Europe along with essential oils and no animal derivatives.

TempleSpa are a brand that can be found in niche boutiques, stores, hotels and spa's in over  10 countries with their products being sold in high end stores in the UK such as Harrods and Selfridges. .

Relax at Temple spa

Their whole range covers skincare, bodycare, haircare, aromatherpy, men products & travel. The overall look and design of the products is sleek, high class and luxurious.
Temple spa face cream

Temple spa face mist

Temple spa candle

Temple spa make up call

 Expensive????.......well thats what i thought.......but actually its not that bad......expect to pay about £33 for a moisturiser....shampoo £8.50, and body balm £18.00. 

Temple spa sample

There are a few choice higher end products such as the very luxurious Skin Truffle, of which i had a small sample. This is a luxury moisturiser which can be used on an everyday basis or as a restoration boosting treatments for special occasions. Why is it so luxurious you may ask.....well its all down to the amazing ingredients!!
Black truffles
Grape Seed Champagne
Gold and Sick Actives
Diamond Powder

Hence the reason for the £80 price tag. And the result of the sample i was sent........you can tell immediately its a luxurious cream from the first application, smells amazing, instant 'feel good' texture, skin felt hydrated and super soft. Would i pay £80 price tag...I wish, it is a lovely cream but bit out of my price range.....saying that though it has got me intrigued with regards to their other moisturisers in the more affordable price range.

The other thing that they offer that i quite like the look of is something called 'Spa to Go'. Which is basically the chance to have a Spa class in your own home. You can either host a class or become one of their 'Spa to Go' consultants.  Its basically a great excuse to invite a few friends round for a good old pampering session, sample some of their products and basically shop from the comfort of your home....fabulous!!

Overall first impressions of TempleSpa are very good.....the sample they sent me most definitely pricked my ears up to trying what else that have to offer in their extensive range.

Their whole brand, packaging and website is slick, professional and very inviting. And with places such as Harrods and Selfridges stocking them...you know you are getting a quality product.

Before i go I do have to mention their gift section.....which has a huge array of treats and packages suitable for all occasions.....of which i already i marked down a couple for my birthday........roll on September that's all i can say xx

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