4 August 2012

Yey...off to the Olympics!!

Olympics tickets

As if all the excitement of the olympics isnt enough im also off to watch the semi finals of the mens football today......we didnt know who we'd be watching but team GB got through so we'll be seeing them in the semi!!!......so excited...taking my 2 boys along so guess who's going to be face painting this afternoon!!!......did the flags once before for the jubilee....have to say they look pretty damn good don't you think!!!

Face painting

Face painted with union jack

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  1. Replies
    1. aw thanks...yeah they loved it.....face paint ended up everywhere by the end of the night xx

  2. Ah we were there too! We had a great time even though we lost!

  3. Just knew we were going to fail in the penalties...and i knew it would be sturridge...he was pretty shocking for most of the match !!


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