12 October 2012

Batiste Triple whammy!!

Batiste logo
Well it seems that Batiste have been pretty busy of late.....creating not one, not two but three brand new products.......Paisley, Graffiti and the one I'm most pleased to see Vibrant Red.

Batiste red, paisley and grafiiti

So if your already a fan of Batiste you will know that they currently have dry shampoo for both blonde and brunette hair so it was only a matter of time and sheer demand that Batiste would introduce one for us redheads!!

Batiste red

Vibrant red contains just a hint of colour which will compliment most shades of red hair whether natural or salon dyed. The great thing about Vibrant red is its perfect to use on growing out roots....simply spray on and rub in and the subtle hint of red clearly blends in the root colour......result!! If you do dye your hair regularly then i would recommend you try this......so glad Batiste finally decided on doing a red version......thank you, thank you xxx

Batiste paisley

Paisley comes in a can inspired by all the crazy catwalk prints currently seen through LFW. With almost a hippie vibe about it, the fragrance is sweet and leaves your hair smelling amazing!!

Batiste graffitti

The last and most definitely my most favourite fragrance so far is Graffiti. It has a cool urban inspired paint splattered can....and the fragrance is just stunning...if only they could bottle it up and sell it as perfume!!

So there you go.....as if it wasn't hard enough to decide which Batiste to buy...they then go and create 3 more for us to drool over. 

Look out for the above 3 at all the usual stockists and also online. To keep up to date with all things Batiste you can follow them over at Twitter or over on their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/batistedryshampoopage

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  1. I really struggled with dry shampoo when I had my hair red, trust a great one to come out when I change the colour lol. Love the packaging of these, great post xx


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