7 October 2012

ClaireaBella - cute bag alert!!!

Clairea Bella Classics logo

Now unless you have been locked away in a shed or something then you surely have either seen online or heard about the cute handmade Claireabella bags!

Claireabella has seen a multitude of Celeb fans sporting their unique bags including Kelly Brook, Russell Kane, Kerry Katona, Michelle Heaton and 
about half of the TOWIE cast. 

Claireabella bags are all handmade and completely personalised with your own Claireabella on the front. From hair colour to eye colour and outfit.....each bag is designed unique to you.

Claireabella bag

Claireabella bag logo

Claireabella bag charm

Claireabella bag artwork

Claireabella bag front

The bags are painted with your unique design and include bows and glitter to finish it off. There's a multitude of bag styles to choose from such as the jute bags which are available in polo size (as above), medium and large as well as the rather lovely canvas style bags. Prices range from £24.99 for the bag above up to £44.99 for special editions.

The brand has gained somewhat of a cult following and due to its sheer success has now seen its range expand to now doing products such as hoodies, phonecases, notebooks, mugs, tshirts and calendars.

The quality of the bag is lovely....and these are ideal to use as funky shopper or just a day to day bag......such a fab gift idea as well!!

 The range is available online and exclusive only to www.toxicfox.co.uk 
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  1. I must have been locked in that shed because these bags are new to me...absolutely adorable!

    The Fashionable Gamer

  2. Those bags are really cute!

  3. I might get one for the next summer.


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