3 October 2012

Doctor Who Dalek Spaceship set

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Doctor Who- my boys love it (i cant see the attraction myself)...maybe something to do with the huge array of ridiculous monsters in it......what boy doesn't like monsters! Anyway in honour of the hit TV show, Character Buildings have released a brand new Dalek inspired 
construction set aimed at children 5+.

Doctor who dalek spaceset

The Dalek Spaceship set is both detailed and also functional with lots of moving parts, lasers, a detachable skimmer car and also 2 little daleks.

Dalek spaceset contents

Dalek spaceset instructions

The set comes complete with a book giving you step by step building instructions..and boy do you need them!! Firstly i have to say i was actually surprised this is geared towards children from such a young age as there's no way a 5 year old could attempt to build this themselves. 

My 11 year old son helped my youngest in attempting to build this.....and he's pretty much a seasoned pro with regards to Lego building so this should of been a doddle, however it wasn't. We found that some of the pieces didn't stick together very well plus some bits had a tendency to just drop off which made it very frustrating...hence why i haven't any pictures yet of the finished spaceship......the boys still haven't completed it!! That said...they are not giving up and it is now starting to take shape.......so they are getting more excited about it. 

If you are buying this for a young child then be prepared to help build it as this is quite tricky for the younger age groups, bits are fiddly but if you do persist they will end up with quite a fair sized ship. And once its built they can either play with it or display it....so its perfect for any Doctor Who fan!!

The sets are out now in the shops ready for xmas and are retailing for about £29.99. Character Building also have a huge collection of other Doctor Who building sets which include several character sets, perfect for imaginary play once your building set is complete.

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  1. Wow! This is amazing! I absolutely LOVE doctor who :)




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