16 October 2012

My Slimavite Blogger Challenge

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Me and diets go hand in hand!!......for years iv struggled with my weight going up and down (mostly up). Having 2 kids absolutely killed my figure and it took years to get back down to a size i felt good about. So how am i doing at the moment...well my current stats are:

Height: 5"4
Weight: 10 stone 10 (Yikes)
BMI: 25.7

So I'm classed just in the overweight category.....fabulous...NOT! Now thankfully i sort of get away with it and don't look massively big...but that's because i know what to wear to suit my body shape, however the weight just sits on my hips and i hate it. This is the reason i applied for the Slimavite blogger challenge - my goal is to lose a stone...that's all...a stone. I always eat pretty healthy normally however lately my weight just doesn't seem to be shifting.

Slimavite shakes

Slimavate shake set

Slimavate strawberry shake

The plan ill be following is called the Rapid Weight Loss Plan. Its a plan spread out over just 3 weeks and includes a diet of meal replacement shakes and healthy meals. Each shake is classed as a bite and ill be able to have 6 bites a day - 2 shakes, snack of either fruit or veg (1 bite) and an evening meal (3 bites).

Ill be starting the challenge soon and will be blogging ever step of the way....their is community support from both Twitter and Facebook plus their website is full of meal plans/tips for surviving the diet plan. Will i survive the full 3 weeks?, will i enjoy having milkshakes everyday?...will i succumb to the chocolate bar screaming at me from inside the fridge?.....we shall find out...stay tuned for my journey xx

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  1. Though if it's a three week blitz you might put it back on if you lose... D: Problem with a lot of these things! Good luck. The only thing that has really properly worked for me is Skinny Sprinkles. I love them a bit too much now! Good luck hun!

    Lizzums x


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