16 October 2012

Review: Sports Stars Pitch n Play Set

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Are your kids footie mad and love collecting...then the Sports Stars play sets may be the ultimate gift for them this xmas.

Sports Stars are a brand new range by Character toys  for ages 6-11 that combine football, construction and collecting all in one. The toys include some of the best Premiership players from some of the biggest clubs. The collectible figures are 3d lookalikes and instantly recognisable.

Sports stars figures

The kits are available in small packs which include pitch pieces and players (means you collect to get the whole pitch) or you can buy the pitch as a whole which is what you see below.

Sports stars playset

The pitch pieces slot together lego like to make up the whole pitch....you then simply put together the nets and your ready to go. The players come as separate little figures of which you put together and then place on a coloured base dependent on which team you want them on.

The idea is to flick your players across the pitch in order to score a goal. You can pass, dribble and shoot your way across.

Jake playing sports stars

Jake playing the sports stars
Game play is easy and the players are easy to flick around however the one frustrating thing is not having enough players to play with properly. This complete set comes with 3 players....luckily we did have 2 from another smaller set. 

This is a good sturdy set and is very simple to play. I would suggest if buying this for the younger age group then you would need to assist with setting the pitch up as they could find it a bit fiddly. The players are easy to handle and not too small, plus once play is finished the set is easy to break up and put away till next time.

The set above is available for about £19.99 and you can get them now from all the usual toy outlets.
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