8 November 2012

Review: Diary Doll Period Pants

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Periods......they suck right? Pain, mood swings and the dreaded leakage..well what if you had an answer to it......step forward Diary Doll.

Diary Doll is the brainchild of the well known Carol Smillie and Anabel Croft. Both have been friends for years and they just chanced on a conversation about periods (as us girls do). When Annabel left home to pursue her tennis career her mother gave her protective pants to help her avoid any accidents when sleeping. They suddenly realised that there's actually nothing like that available in today's market...that was when Diary Doll was born.

Diary doll period pants bag

They are designed to be your best friend when your period is due....looking like normal pants they have a secret waterproof layer which helps to minimise those nasty leaks. Designed to be worn with your normal sanitary protection these pants are the perfect pal for travel, sport and anytime you need some added protection.

The pants come presented in a cute little drawstring bag..which is completely discreet and ideal to pack away with you. Pants currently come in 2 colours pink or black and are just £9.99.

Diary doll period pants label

Diary doll period pants

The pants are available in small (8-10) medium (10-12) Large (12-14) and x large (14-16)

I found the material was lovely and soft and easy to wear. Not my usual style i have to admit but these are perfect for nighttime wear which would mainly be when id use them. The protective layer gives you an added confidence so you can sleep easy and not have worry about waking up with a messy bed in the morning (i know, way too much info!!).

Anyway...this is a really cute idea and i think these will massively appeal to younger age groups still getting to grips with their periods and suffering confidence issues at that time of the month. I would add perhaps in the long run it may be good idea to offer different styles, colours and shapes - say boy shorts, thong, midi etc as i think the appeal will also widen if there are more styles on offer. Overall a really practical and useful idea and
one i hope that catches on.

If you fancy connecting socially with Diary Doll they are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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