9 November 2012

Slimavite - Rapid Weight loss plan Day 7 update

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So Iv finally come to the end of my first week (yey) on the Slimavite 3 week Rapid weight loss plan.......and i have to say it has got allot easier as the days went on. First few days i admit were hard...i felt hungry even though i had loads of veg...but stuck with it and have lost 4lbs in my first week and an inch off my waist.....so all positive!! The shakes actually taste alright and i dont mind having them...they arn't as heavy as some shakes iv tried before...but just the right amount to fill you up!!
I've been speaking to quite a few people about this diet and some people have questioned it saying 'how can it be classed as healthy when an average woman should eat 1500 calories not the 800 iv been sticking to. Plus some have been asking what happens when i finish???....will the weight pile back on when i revert to a more normal diet?...how can i keep the weight loss off? ......yep it has crossed my mind but im hoping because my diet is pretty healthy anyway that won't happen. I would be interested to find out from others that have completed the plan if they found the weight loss sustainable after the diet ended.

So onto week 2 now ....will the weight loss continue..??  ill keep you posted!!

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