14 November 2012

Review - Lancome Miracle So Magic

So yep i think i can safely say im a little obsessed with smelling good so the perfume i choose is always pretty important to me, and im constantly searching for new fragrances to further clutter my bathroom up...much to the dismay of my other half!!

Anyway i was recently sent a sample from the rather fabulous London Perfume Company, if you haven't checked my review of them as yet you can do here.

Miracle So Magic is what id call a 'floaty feminine' fragrance by Lancome. Not the sort of perfume id immediately be drawn to i have to admit......packaging and bottle are both very safe and unassuming. 

The perfume itself is said to contain Dog Rose, Narcissus, Clover Leaf and hints of vanilla. When you first spray it i have to say i wasnt that sure about it at first, however once it 
settles its actually a quite a nice perfume. It has quite a light floral fragrance and you can definitely smell the rose notes in it. 

Id say this perfume is perfect for general day wear with its unassuming floral scent plus its not too overpowering.  The only issue i have with it is there's nothing hugely special about it, I love my perfumes to be exciting, to draw me in and to be interesting and memorable....this for me is just way too safe.

If your a lover of rose based scents and light floral fragrances then this may be your bag. I think this will also appeal to a younger age group simply because of its feminine and girly scent

All in all So Magic is a safe and easy going fragrance that most people will like, great staying power, not overpowering and a safe bet if wanting to buy as a gift.

The perfume ranges from about £30-£50 and comes in 30, 50 and 100ml sizes.

For hundreds of other perfumes and gift sets check out The London Perfume Company

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  1. Hmmm...sounds like a good product for me. I love fragrances and I will definitely try samples of this.

  2. mm this sounds heavnely.. going to have to check it out. Saw your blog on Beauty blog hop.. New follower :) xo http://plushpinkallure.blogspot.com


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