16 November 2012

Slimavite Challenge - Day 14

Slimavite Diets

So I'm finally at the 2 week mark of my 3 week Rapid weight loss plan. So after quite a good week last week with regards to losing weight...this week i seem to of ground to a halt....iv only lost 1 extra pound.....to say I'm a bit frustrated is an understatement.

Been fairly strict this week...calorie counting like mad yet the boost i had last week seems to have slipped away. I suppose for me the main thing is I'm not doing much exercise...my job involves me sat in front of a pc all day...when I'm home I'm running round after the kids....fitting a form of fitness into my current regime is a bit challenging to say the least!!

I'm soooooo determined to lose that magic stone....but is it really achievable by next Saturday!!

Not quite sure what went wrong this week...but hey..not much i can do besides carry on and hope i lose more.....will post back in a few days with hopefully a better outcome!!
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