24 November 2012

Review: Trunki Snoozihedz

Trunki logo

Snoozihedz logo

I would say that most mums and dads out there have heard of the rather funky kids brand Trunki before. Famed for their super cute ride on suitcases for kids, their designs are colourful, imaginative and appeal to kids in bucket loads. Did you know they actually do a whole host of other functional products aimed to make travel much easier and above all more fun for the children. One such product is the rather fab Snoozihedz.

Snooziheadz pillow

Snoozihedz is a 3 in 1 travel buddy, pillow and blanket making it the perfect pal for long journeys. It available in 6 different character varieties and the one above is called Bert the Blue.

Trunkie Snooziheadz label

Trunkie Snooziheadz zip

Trunkie Snooziheadz grip

The Snoozihedz simply unzips on the side and contains a large super soft blanket which has a pocket on the front...perfect for little hands or for storing teddy on the journey. It also comes with the unique Trunki Grip on both the pillow and blanket (as seen above) which helps connect the blanket to the pillow to stop it slipping off when asleep....genius little addition!!

Trunkie Snooziheadz blanket pocket

Trunkie Snooziheadz blanket set

Also inside is a plastic inflatable insert for the pillow. Simply blow up and place inside the character head and......tada!!.. it gives you a nice soft pillow which is ideal for your mid journey sleepyheads.

Trunkie Snooziheadz inflatable pillow insert

The colourful fleecy cover is lovely and soft and perfect for snuggling and the blanket is big enough to cover your child when sat down. My sons 6 and quite tall for his age and it still covered him perfectly!!

Lewis in the car using Trunkie Snooziheadz

Lewis sleeping on Trunkie Snooziheadz

This is such a fab little product that will appeal to any young boy or girl. Its an ideal travel size and i love the trunki grip feature...so simple yet so effective. My son found it comfy and cozy and loved the colourful design...i do actually wish it had come with straps so your child could carry it like a backpack (now there's an idea for you Trunki!!) 

There are 5 other colourful Snoozihedzpals in the collection and they would all make an ideal gift this coming xmas.

Each pal is available for £19.95 direct from the Trunki website or from various other online retailers. 

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