25 November 2012

Slimavite - 3 week challenge complete!

Slimavite diets

So my 3 week challenge completed yesterday. Total weight loss for my 3 weeks was......'drum roll please' ......half a stone!!!...which I have to say I'm pretty pleased about. Yes I would of loved to lose a full stone but I think my hectic lifestyle last week hindered me to be honest.

Some days I would literally have to skip anything in the morning so ended up only having one shake and then a meal in the evening...so not following it fully last week may have been the reason my weight loss ground to a halt.....compared to the other weeks where I was strict and followed it to the book...and weight loss was achieved.

So does it work???......well yes, its hard going, no question and it takes a bit of getting used to, but if you do stick to the plan then that goal of losing a stone is very much an option. The shakes taste fine and iv actually got used the the 800 calorie limit..... I would say you do need to be a lover of veg as that was a saving grace for me when I was feeling really hungry.

So what now going forward?.....well I'm carrying on with the shakes for another week.....but strict this time.....to see if I can perhaps shift that other half stone, plus I'm going to stick with the healthy eating after that......its definitely changed the way I eat.and the way I look at food......plus I really want to hit my goal of that extra half stone. (I will keep you posted on how I get on). I also think the pressure of having to update on here has helped......its given me something to prove to other people that yes.... I can do it!!.

Was I sceptical at first about this diet?...well yes.....but I think as a short term kick start to losing weight this plan is ideal.....but you have to be prepared to change your diet for the long-term afterwards.

Id like to say a huge thank you to Slimavite for letting me do this challenge...and heres hoping i can 'high five' you with another half stone shortly!!

If you think this diet is what you need but want to find out more info...or are just not sure then drop me a comment, I'm happy to answer any queries. You can also get full info on the website....plus help and advice via their on-line communities via Twitter and Facebook.

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