24 December 2012

Happy xmas - Here's to 2013

Happy xmas banner

So yey!! its xmas eve, which i think has come round way too quick this year.....so whats 2012 been like for me?......well id say not too bad actually, blogging wise my blog has come on leaps and bounds, page views and readership has jumped up massively plus i was listed in the iFabbo top 50 blogs to watch and learn from....so i can actually say im pretty damn proud of what iv done so far!!
 Home wise things have been hectic, my eldest started high school this year which i have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about (you worry about bullying, not fitting in etc) however hes settled in well, made loads of friends and come out with straight A's across the board (proud mum). My youngest is also doing well...loving football at the moment and doing really well in the team hes in....future little Ronaldo!!
Jake and lewis say happy xmas

My boys are hugely excited for xmas and cant stop talking about it....I do love xmas but its always with mixed emotions as i lost both my mum and dad at xmas to cancer...but having the boys keeps me positive, but i do miss them both alot!! Thankfully i have an amazing hubbie who is always there for me...i have my moments, but couldnt of got through them without him.

So its xmas eve and today is going to be manic.......Im in work this morning then this afternoon lv got a last minute rush to the shops, early evening its prep food and table for tomorrow, get the kids off to bed at a reasonable time, get a load of wrapping done, (and i mean a load) hopefully get to bed before 2am....and then pray the boys dont get up before 8am!!! (wishful thinking)

Anyway i just wanted to thank everyone this year that has taken the time out to read my blog, my fellow bloggers for supporting and commenting, PR companies, brands, little independents, communities, forums and friends.

Hope you all have a fabulous xmas and new year and see you in 2013!!!

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