4 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year

2013.....OMG how did that happen!!! Is it just me or did 2012 fly by in a flash!!
2012 was an ok year for me....i hit my 2 year blogger-versary...yey me!....my eldest son started high school (again how the hell did that happen!!) went through big changes in work, hit my 11th year of being married...finally went to Ibiza (and returning 2013 as well...woop) ..oh and lost a bit more weight which is always a plus point!!

So 2013......whats my plan of action.....well to blog more, got some exciting things in the pipeline, more collaborations with great brands, increase my blog readership. Iv started a brand new blog community on Google + which is growing everyday:

I also have a open bloggers group board on Pinterest which is going really well:

Im doing 'operation sell my house' getting plans drawn up for an extension and aiming to move this year. Im also planning to actually get off my arse and do a bit more exercise (whether that will happen is anyone's guess!!) Going back to Ibiza as i instantly fell in love with the place last year....and to spend alot more time with friends family this year and visit people i haven't seen for ages!!......so yeah....i think im going to be busy!

So whats 2013 hold in store for you??

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  1. Happy new year! Have a fabulous 2013!!



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