6 January 2013

Review: Ness Handmade Bath Foam

So just before xmas i sent a little sample to try from a handmade toiletries company from the Highlands of Scotland. Ness Soap produces soap and bath products using essential 
oils and natural ingredients. 

But Ness soap don't just make soap,  they are also what you call a social enterprise....which basically means they offer opportunities to adults that face various barriers with regards to getting a job. They work with Ness over a 2 year period and with training they gain confidence and skills which help improve their quality of life. Such a fantastic scheme and one which perhaps other similar companies should look at!!!

Ness Handmade bath foam

So anyway onto the products themselves. Ness have a huge range of bath and body 
products such as:

My sample was from the Foam Bath seasonal range and the rather fabulously named Three Wise Men foam bath. The foam bath contains orange essential oil, ylang ylang and Frankincense. The fragrance when poured under a running bath immediately fills the rooms,the scent of orange is surprisingly fresh but really nice, didn't bubble up as much as some foam baths do...but i didn't use a huge amount so maybe need to add some more to up the bubbly quota!! All in all a lovely uplifting scent and a perfect seasonal gift. The foam baths come in 500ml bottles for £8.95 and are available direct from their online shop

I really like what Ness stands for, the fact they are giving back to their community and providing opportunities for those that need them. Their products are very reasonably priced and they have a great range of gift ideas perfect for all year round.

To find out more about the wonderful Ness you can follow then via Facebook or Twitter

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