15 January 2013

Review: Tropic Skin Care Face Smooth Polish

Remember way back in 2011...(i know it seems ages ago), well if your a fan of 'The Apprentice' then you may remember finalist Susan Ma. Even though she didn't go onto win...her skincare business (going since 2007) impressed Sir Lord Sugar so much that he invested and became a 50/50 partner.

The business in question was called Tropic Skincare, a natural skincare company where all products are made from 100% pure plant extracts meaning no nasty synthetics such as parabens and petrolatum,....just simple plant actives, vitamins and antioxidants ...the type of stuff that actually makes a difference to your skin!!

Not only are Tropic Skincare natural but they are also cruelty free and proudly adhere to the Leaping Bunny certification, a sign that their processes are completely open to audit and they follow their strict guidelines with regards to testing. Coupled with the fact they are vegan and environmentally friendly, this puts Tropic Skincare at the forefront in the natural skincare market.

So with such a fabulous philosophy on offer, how do their products stand up? Well i tried their Face Smooth Polish - which is basically a skin brightening scrub.

Tropic Skincare Face Smooth Polish

Tropic Skincare Face Smooth Polish

The scrub is just bursting with natural ingredients and includes:

Acai Berry - an antioxidant to boost the skins vitality
Organic Rice flour - helps treat blemishes, wrinkles and reduce skin redness
Sugar Cane - this provides the scrub part
Sweet Almond - Softens and smooths the skin
Vitamin E - Protects the skin from free radicals and oxidation
Chamomile - Skin healing and anti inflammatory - perfect for sensitive skin
Golden Jojoba - Restores skins natural PH balance
Sweet orange & lemon - Gives the scrub an uplifting fresh scent

Tropic Skincare Face Smooth Polish

On opening you are greeted with the zingy smell of lemons (I'm thinking lemon curd here!!), the consistency is that of a sugar scrub, and i have to admit I was a bit worried that it may be a bit too harsh for my face. You simply apply the scrub directly onto dry skin and rub in a light circular motion. The scrub is rough...so do ensure you rub gently.

Now comes the good bit, on rinsing the scrub seems to literally melt into an oil, which feels lovely but meant you did have to give your face a really good rinse with water. Afterwards you just pat dry and its then you get to marvel at how good your face feels......i mean it feels amazing...really really clean....but ultimately...really really soft and smooth....we're talking baby smooth here......and ill have to say that this could possibly be one of the the best facial scrubs/polishes iv used in a long time.....i am seriously impressed!!

This scrub does not dry your skin out, does not leave it red, is perfect for sensitive types (*waves* - such as me) and just leaves your skin with a healthy looking tone. If i was to mark this polish out of 5 ....then 5 out of 5 it would be!!...easy.

The only one thing i did notice was that if the scrub was kept in a warmish room then the oil from the scrub tended to rise to the top so you have to be careful on opening...however just pop the jar in the fridge and problem solved!!

This Face Smooth Polish is available direct from the website and is priced at £15 for 100ml. If you fancy grabbing yourself a pot this month they are offering free delivery on all orders throughout January - to take up this offer simply enter the promo code 'TROPICTREATS' at checkout.

For news and special offers you can follow Tropic Skincare on Facebook or Twitter. You could also enter their competition where you could actually win yourself a jar.....winner will be announced at 10,000 Twitter followers. 
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  1. Wow! this sound like really good stuff. As I read the post, I could just feel and smell it…I wan't some, Lol!!! Do they sell this is the U.S or do I have to order it online, I'd much rather pick it up from my local drug store.

    Now following your blog

    Maya D

  2. Sounds lovely :).

    Sadie x


  3. You can really tell that this product will give you great results just by looking it. -^____^- Reading your review makes me want this. You really sold me in this.

  4. I love the soft side of the tropics seems to work as soon as one of the best facial scrubs silky soft and fresh, it leaves your skin feeling really is amazing, I have a soft side of the tropical tropical best skin care products for all of the love of my favorites

  5. I’m always looking for products without sodium chloride so this is great to know about.Keratin Treatment

  6. Its not available in store ladies we're that good! :) But you can buy direct here www/tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/traceymackenzie and yes it is AMAZING! x

  7. Its not available in store ladies we're that good! :) But you can buy direct here www/tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/traceymackenzie and yes it is AMAZING! x


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