19 January 2013

Twisted Sista Review Update

Twisted Sista Product range

So you may remember before xmas i did a review on a couple of the products from Urban Therapy's Twisted Sista Range.

I didnt review every product above as i wanted to give the other ones a real test so let my lovely friend Ruth trial them. Ruth has incredibly thick and curly hair so thought she would be perfect to test on (rubs hands in mad professor way!!).

Anyway she tried the Leave in Conditioner which is argan oil and lychee based. The product states it reduces frizz, detangles, leaves hair shiny and protects from UV damage. The conditioner has quite a tropical fruity smell and is easy to apply...the main thing Ruth found was it made her hair much easier to brush/comb through...so result!!

Next was the Curl Perfector which is basically an all in one curl enhancer and protector. It can protect hair from thermal damage up to 220 degrees as well as UV protection and provides great style retention and frizz reduction. Once again this product is Argan oil based but this time with Green tea. Ruth normally uses moose to tame her curls but finds it can make her hair quite hard....this on the other hand does exactly the same job yet leaves the hair feeling soft to the touch. The best thing is that the curl definition is retained all day meaning it beats the moose hands down!!

The last one was the Straightening Thermal Protector, again Argan based this is mainly for protecting hair against heat and aids to straighten the hair. Out of all the products she found this one the most disappointing basically because it didn't really do allot. It did help smooth a bit but wasn't blown away with the results to be honest.

Overall feedback...pretty good, shes now switched over to the leave in conditioner and curl perfector and actually finds using the 2 together gives her the results she needs.

All products are available from most well known retailers with prices ranging from £2.50 upwards.

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