1 February 2013

Jelly Belly Candle Heaven

Now its not often i fawn over something so mundane as a candle..but that was until one of these babies dropped on my lap from Very...(one of their Very treats).......hellooooooo candle heaven!!

Jelly Belly cherry candle

Jelly Belly cherry candle

Jelly Belly cherry candle

Meet the Jelly Belly Filled Tin Candle in Very Cherry......just rolls off your lips doesn't it!!
If only i had a scratch and sniff blog!!!...... if your a fan of fruity, yummy, 'good enough to eat' type fragrances then you will love this. 

FACT: Very Cherry was one of the first Jelly Bellys beans ever created way back in the 70's and its been the number one flavour pretty much so for over 36 years!!

The smell is really strong but not to the point that its sickly. Once lit and left in a room, the yummy fragrance of Cherry's just fills it leaving you cocooned in a cherry cloud of loveliness!!

I literally could not stop sniffing the damn thing when i first opened it....its just that type of fragrance.

The tins are priced from about £4 up to £7 each depending on where you buy them. They come in a multitude of equally yummy other flavours such as:

The good thing is they also come in bigger sizes packaged in gorgeous glass jars as well as very cute Reed Diffusers.

Jelly Belly glass candle

Jelly Belly Reed diffuser

Now i always thought Yankee Candles were pretty much the daddy of the candle world (if there is one) however i have to say Jelly Belly is certainly snapping for the crown in the fragrance stakes. 

Lovely stuff.....xxx

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  1. Ummmmyyy <3 <3


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    Now I'm really wanting one of those candles!


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  5. There are few candle scents that I really like--or that last. I can imagine if Jelly Belly makes the scent, it will be excellent! How yummy!

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  7. i had no idea there was such a thing! sounds awesome!

  8. Meh. Talk to me when it comes in Buttered Popcorn. That's everyones REAL favorite.

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