22 March 2013

NO-AD Suncream - who needs the sun!

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NO AD suncream tubes

Yes i know the weather its awful, its raining, even snowing in some places...but to hell with it, lets talk suncream! 

Being a paley of vampire dependence my trusty suncream/sunblock is never far from me.....even on the 'not so great' weather day..(which is most of the time these days).

I use high protection all of the time, nothing less than 30 will touch my skin but the main issue with this is for most cream it seems the higher the factor you go the thicker and more stubborn the cream is to rub in....its annoying to be honest.

Now i would assume most of you have either seen or heard of NO-AD suncream....you spotted the bottle abroad on holiday, borrowed your mates around the pool etc....but did you know that NO-AD has never been available in the UK, that is until now!

Two NO-AD fans queried the manufacturers in the US as to why it wasn't available in the UK, discussions ensued and the result was them agreeing to import into the UK. So began a frantic search for stockists who would be willing to sell the brand...and in 2013 over 300 stores in the UK now stock NO-AD. 

NO AD suncream factor 15

NO AD Suncream factor 15 and 50

NO-AD stock creams from 6 SPF up to 60 SPF in a range 
of sizes and also spray options.

Whats special about their cream??

It contains Aloe & Vitamin E
Its Water Resistant 
Its Broad Spectrum (UVA + UVB)
And its Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended

I was very kindly sent a couple of tubes to compare, a 15 SPF and a 50+ SPF. Now normally with allot of other brands the difference in the two creams would be blatantly obvious due to the thicker consistency of the higher factor. This just isn't the case with NO-AD, in fact i couldn't tell the difference......both easy to apply, both non greasy, both smell really nice!!.......Why have i not discovered this sooner!! 

The cream is so light you could easily use it as a moisturiser as it also leaves your skin feeling soft. It sinks in really easily and leaves you with that lovely 'holiday feeling' scent to your skin.

I for one am pretty happy they are now stocking this in the UK and I'm sure i won't be alone. Asda are a big UK stockist for NO-AD but if you also go on the stock locator checker on the site it will list the nearest stores to you.

To keep updated with NO AD news you can now follow them via their 
Twitter and Facebook feeds
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