21 March 2013

Review: Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Playset

Scooby doo playset

Both my kids have what i can only describe as a slight Lego addiction...anything they have to construct, they want it....hence why both their bedrooms are littered with various lego creations. So when asked to review the latest building set from Character Building my youngest (aged 6) jumped at the chance. 

Character Building Scooby-Doo is to be launched this Spring and features all the characters from the show as constructable micro-figures.  The collection also includes playsets enabling you to create your very own Scooby do world and includesThe Mystery Mansion Playset and the one we reviewed above: The Mystery Machine playset.

The set is geared for ages 5+  and comes complete with 2 figures as well as an additional motorbike. Now considering the age range is targeted to a young age group you would assume that the building process would be fairly straightforward......well im afraid it isnt.

For a start each step is in a picture format which is fine to a point, however in certain steps they grey previous blocks out and it is very easy to miss bits or not quite grasp what you need to do......and thats coming from an adult point of view...imagine a 5 year old trying to work it out.

There were literally a handful of stages that my son could do on his own...the rest he just didn't understand the picture and what he needed to do, so much so that it ended up with me just building it, and to say i was frustrated was an understatement!!!....it also didnt help that there was several pieces actually missing out of the box, but also some bits were so fiddly that the van literally fell apart when trying to put them on!!

However i pulled through and finally finished it as you can see below!!

Mystery machine

Lewis with the Mystery machine complete

Front of mystery machines

Inside of mystery machine

Finished mystery machine

The finished van is quite cool however there are lots of fiddly bits that can come off so you have to be careful with it.  Was this a set Lewis enjoyed.....id have to say no as there wasn't alot he could do which did frustrate him in the end, he did however enjoy putting all the stickers on the finished van and also enjoyed playing with it after. 

I think alot of young kids would struggle with this set so if you were thinking of getting it, be prepared to lend a hand...and a big one at that.  The finished van is fab and looks great in my sons bedroom but damn!!.....it took us a long time to get there!!

The set ranges from about £19-£25 dependent on where you buy it from. Its a great gift for any avid Scooby Doo fan and the Micro characters are very collectible.

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  1. we reviewed this the other day too, my 11 year old managed fine to build it, I think I would have got frustrated if I'd of been building it, he however loved it and managed fine, both boys have since played with it a fair bit and its still in a fairly decent van shape.. so its not all that bad :)

  2. Think our main frustration came with the amount of pieces missing so must of just had a dud set. Just think the lower age range is too young. That said he does enjoy playing with it now its built.


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