28 June 2013

Clinique Superbalm Review

So with summer finally upon us...well sort of (minus the sun), Harrods have to decided to brighten us all up by way of a nifty little Beauty sale. With items listed with up to 50% off and pay day just round the corner its hard not to be just that tiny bit tempted.

One of their best selling beauty brands featured on the site is Clinique and it just so happens they have a rather fab new product out called Superbalm which i have been given the chance 
to try out.

Clinique Superbalm

Superbalm is a fabulous new SOS lip treatment for lips that require that little bit extra TLC. The balm contains super intensive ingredients that aid to re condition and repair dry lips.

The super ingredients basically aids the renewal of the skin and with continued use your lips should start feeling more moisturised, alot smoother and firmer. 

Clinique Superbalm Allergy Tested & Fragrance Free

Clinique Superbalm Tube

The balm itself is clear and quite thick, plus its 100% fragrance free. Even though its thick in consistency it does sink into the lips fairly easily. Once on  your lips feel instantly moisturised and soft, not sticky like some balms can be.

What i found impressive was the length of time it left your lips feeling great, some lip balms you just seem to be forever reapplying....there's no need to with this one as its intensive from first application which just shows how good the balm is. 

If you have lips that are in need of dire rescue then this could be the balm for you. Don't let the small tube put you off either as this stuff will last!! This wondrous little balm is available for just £12 direct from the Harrods site.

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  1. This sounds really lovely, am a total lip balm addict xx



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