19 June 2013

Review - Dr Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask

Dr Bragi Intensive skin mask
If you haven't come across Dr Bragi before they are a skincare company with a focus on marine enzyme technology!! Researched and formulated by the late Dr Jon Bragi Bjarnason, the products are said to optimise cell function thus keeping the skin looking young and fresh.

The brand is especially good if you have sensitive skin as the products have:
No Parabens
No Perfumes
No Dyes
No Lanolln
No Glycols and various other nasties.

So whats so special about marine enzymes you may be asking.....well the key to these enzymes is when they come in contact with body temperature they suddenly become 'super active' providing a whole range of benefits to the skin such as:

The lists goes on.......all sounding great but does this formulation actually work?

I kindly got sent a sample of the Dr Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask. The mask targets redness, signs of ageing, skin dehydration and loss of firmness.

The mask is a fabric type so you literally unfold, lay over your face and then kick back for 15 minutes whilst the mask works its magic. The process is cooling and v-relaxing...once the 15 mins is up simply take the mask off and then wipe any excess off your face with tissue/
cotton wool.

Now i did worry slightly that it may be a bit too oily, however once wiped away it simply left my skin feeling super soft....its also like my skin has had a massive drink as there was not a hint of dry skin anywhere...felt fresh, healthy and ready for the day....very nice indeed.

Now this isn't the sort of product i would normally buy but i have to say the results are pretty damn good. If your fancying a skin treat or a 'at home' treatment before a big event then this little face mask is ideal. At £8.33 it isn't cheap for what it is...however i would say you could get at least 2 more uses out of it if kept in the packet. 

The face mask is available direct from the Dr Bragi site but also from other retailers such as Feel Unique and Bath & Unwind.

For info on all their other products, news and updates you can follow them via Twitter and Facebook.

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