10 July 2013

Festival Essentials with St Davids Cardiff

Festival backpack

So if you lucky enough to be going to one of the many festivals this year....or even hopping abroad clubbing (like me) then packing essentials for your weekend is always key.

The lovely people over at St Davids Shopping Centre Cardiff thought just that and put together a survival kit showcasing essential goodies available from their shopping center and perfect for popping in your backpack this summer.

Clas Ohlson gadgets

Practicality is the name of the day and they don't come much more practical then these products from the Clas Ohlson Store

Clas Ohlsons aim is to sell solutions to everyday problems. Jam packed full of gadgets and gizmos to make your life easier this place is perfect for your festival essentials.

How about a collapsable water carrier..perfect to pack when your short on space and this literally just springs open and is able to contain up to 10 litres of water!! And the best thing is its only £4.99.

Need help finding your tent in the dark.....then how about a Dynamo Torch....no need for batteries, simply wind up and this will last you a good hour fully charged...just a measly £12.99.

Hawaiian lip Gloss

Take a quick hop on over to the Boots store which is always a sure bet for festival goodies....and with the Sun beating down on us for the next month or so (fingers crossed) protection is always a must.....so why not combine a lip gloss and UV protection and grab yourself the rather yummy Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss with SPF 25. This stuff goes on easy, smells and tastes divine and leaves a lovely glossy hue with not a hint of stickyness....2 for 1 product, thank you very much!! only costs £7.49.

Boots Wipes, lipsalve and hand gel

Want some more intense lip salve..then pack the Boots Essential version...an absolute steal at just £1.00. Cleanliness is also a big must.....bad toilets, lack of wash facilities, so handy cleaning essentials are always a good pick......Nab yourself a pack of Boots own Cleansing Handy Wipes.....They come in the smallest of packs so ideal for slipping into your pocket. These ones are infused with Tea Tree so are perfect for removing grime and bacteria..another bargain as well...only £1.05. 

Hand Gel is also a good bet....and Carex do one of the best on the market. Carex Moisture Plus not only kills 99.9% of bacteria...but is also ultra moisturising, so wont dry your hands out like some other hand gels can....pack this little gem for just £1.45.

And last but not least....my festival staple for any party goer has got to be the Mini Travel can of Batiste Dry Shampoo. An absolute must if you cant wash your hair over the weekend...a few squirts of this stuff and bang....greasy roots no more!! 

So there you go...a few ideas for you to pack away...if your going to a festival this year...have a good one...as for me, I'm off to Ibiza tomorrow...and yep Batiste is packed!!

Huge thank you to Lucy From Grayling PR (on behalf of St Davids Shopping Center Cardiff) for donating this fabulous bag of goodies!!
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